OPI Sparrow Me The Drama

Collection: Pirates of The Caribbean (2011 Spring)

Purplish pink cream with a dusty tone. I knew I had to get this one the moment I saw the name because I love Jack Sparrow (ahem, Johnny Depp). It also has the distinction of being the first pink cream that I ever paid for. I have nothing against pinks but other colors were always more interesting to me.

But this, this is an interesting pink. The purple tint makes this cool toned and the dustiness gives a certain maturity to it. It’s a pink that compliments my skin tone and doesn’t make it look like I’m trying to be 13 again. Also note how it looks almost purple in the shade.

It doesn’t dry very shiny as shown in my pictures so I recommend a top coat. And a base coat as it stains a little. While the watery formula provided good coverage, it was full of drama. The first coat goes on as smooth as butter but the second coat ruins it every single time. I didn't know what was I doing wrong (and I still don't)! After three frustrated attempts, I gave in and added some thinner which solved everything.

Polish sandwich:
• OPI Sparrow Me The Drama (2 coats)

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