China Glaze Below Deck + OPI I Juggle...Men

After putting on Below Deck, I decided that it looked a bit boring so I decided to layer over one of my newest OPI buys. I bought I Juggle…Men together with Nubar 2010. It was my first time buying polishes that could only be used layered over other colors. It was an impulse buy, I got have gotten it as a better price, but I was excited after seeing the swatches online.

The base is very cloudy in the bottle, seems almost opaque. Upon application, it turns out clear with an even mix of blue and pink shimmer. The shimmer's rather small but that's what I love about it! It's enough to spice up your manicure without being in your face.

I must say, this polish dries a little weirdly. It acts as a quick dry top coat, but leaves visible brush strokes behind. How does an almost clear polish leave visible brush strokes? Take a closer look at my ring finger in both pictures. I wonder if it's the way I'm applying it..?

To have a better look at the shimmer, please click on the pictures to enlarge them. Thanks for looking!

Polish sandwich:
• China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat (1 coat)
• China Glaze Below Deck (2 coats)
• OPI I Juggle...Men (1 coat)

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