Essence Blue Addicted

Collection: Color & Go

Deep blue jelly with blue and green hexagonal glitter, and small blue square glitter. I’ve had this for months but dreaded putting it on because I dislike glitter removal. But with PVA glue to make it trouble free, I’m so in love! Doesn’t it look like the deep blue sea?

The formula was very gloppy – it needed around 20 drops of thinner, which is a lot for a 5ml bottle. There’s a lot of glitter in this polish so there’s no need to fish for them even after thinning. In fact, I try to get fewer hexes on the brush or else my nails become too clumpy.

Polish peels:
• PVA Glue (1 coat)
• Essence Blue Addicted (3 coats)
• American Classics Gelous (1 coat)
• Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (1 coat)

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