Viva España!

This is a non-nail polish post.

Congratulations to Spain for retaining their Euro title!

It was a classy example of tiki-taka at its best. Boring? At times, perhaps. But only because they stick to their winning philosophy of holding on to possession. It certainly wasn't boring last night.

The possession game is a patient game. It’s efficient; you conserve energy because there’s no need to chase down a ball that’s already with your team. It’s frustrating – for your opponents; they can’t shoot (much less score) without the ball. Most of all, it’s rewarding; especially when you find that perfect pass (just one) that leads to a goal.

To me, this is the beautiful game. Defensive, possessive and aggressive all at the same time. With each pass, Spain hopes to frustrate their opponents and open up their defence  It may look like they’re passing for the sake of passing, but no, they’re playing a waiting game. Their waiting game.

This generation of Spanish footballers is indeed a golden generation. They have redefined the way football is played. Their players are simply amazing without being the tallest or strongest. I could list so many of their players but I’ll keep it to just one: Andrés Iniesta – voted best player of the tournament.
Physically, Iniesta doesn't look very inspiring. At just 1.7m (5 ft 7), he’s not considered tall. He’s also a lightweight, not brawny enough to shove his way pass his opponents. But despite all these, he is pure magic with the ball. He skips pass defenders with the ball appearing to be magnetized to his feet. He sees almost impossible chances and passes the perfect through ball with spot-on timing. Basically, he is a nightmare for his opponents; they know it and he knows it.

And he is just one among the many. Perhaps in another time or in a different country, such players would not have been cultivated or valued. But Spain has taken what they have, nurtured their talents, and created their own brand of football. Tiki-taka – love it or hate it, one thing is sure: Spain has thrived on it.

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