Strawberry Jelly Sandwich

My first jelly sandwich! What is that? It's basically glitter sandwiched between two jelly layers. Since jelly polishes are not meant to be opaque, it showcases the glitter underneath it beautifully. It's been popular on the Nail Board for a while and I thought, why not try it with a black glitter instead? I had the idea to try it with a red jelly and thought that it would be perfect for Chinese New Year since red is considered an auspicious color.

Does this remind you of strawberries? Because this is what it makes me think of! Essie First Dance is a neutral tone red jelly-cream and I love how squishy it is. I secretly wanted to lick my nails because they looked so yummy!

Since First Dance is a little opaque as a jelly, I tried to do the second coat as thinly as possible. I also gave extra dry time for the glitter to set as the brush can drag the glitter around, as seen in the bald spot in my middle finger.

Thanks for looking!

Polish sandwich:
• China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat (1 coat)
• Essie First Dance (1 coat)
• L.A. Girl Uninhibited (1 coat)
• Essie First Dance (1 coat)
• Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (1 coat)

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