Sasatinnie FCGL002

Dark purple jelly with red/ green flakes, blue/ purple glitter & silver shimmer. This is supposedly a dupe for OPI Merry Midnight and Orly Fowl Play. I don’t have either but I did find someone who did a comparison between the three. In my opinion, this looks identical to FP while having the sheerness of MM.

Sasatinnie (left) vs. Essie (right)

I have a love-hate relationship with the Sasatinnie brush. Although the shape and size allows me good control, the stem is too short and the cap too bulky for my liking. The bristles are also a little stiff and uneven in length.

As I mentioned, this is one sheer polish. When I decide to do a full mani, I’ll layer this over a base color instead. Still, it’s a good alternative for local ladies who want FP or MM at a cheaper price. I bought it at two for SGD $5 at Sasa together with another flakie.

Thanks for reading!

Polish sandwich:
• Michelle Base (1 coat)
• Sasatinnie FCGL002 (4 coats)

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