First Swaps

I'm sorry I haven't posted any swatches in almost two months! What I thought was a simple graphics card failure turned out to be a bigger issue with my computer. Every time I thought it would be okay now, another piece of hardware died on me. In total, six parts were changed: graphics card, two RAM chips, two fans, and the main hard drive (I sound so technical here, heh). Even after all that, my computer’s still cranky – I’ve become very familiar with the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). If you don’t know what’s that, give thanks and hope you don’t ever need to find out.

But, there’s good news in all this: I will be back to posting starting this week. While my good friend, BSoD, occasionally pops by, my computer runs fine otherwise.

To start things off, I’m very excited to announce that I did my first swaps last year! I’ve never swapped polishes before, or even mailed anything overseas! So when I was first approached, I had a ton of questions! The two ladies I swapped with were very sweet and patient; they made the experience fun and enjoyable!

I also want to give a little shout out to Happyberrynaiad as she very kindly answered my emails and taught me about swapping etiquette. Her advice was really helpful!

From the left: OPI DS Elegence & BK 12

In the first package I received two awesome holograhics! I know they don’t appear holo in my picture, but trust me, they are very much so!

The second package was a bigger one, containing five polishes. We actually agreed on three but she generously added the two Sinful Colors as extras!

From the left: The Face Shop GR502 & The Face Shop BK901 

From the left: Claire's Calm/Wild, Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter & Sinful Colors Hottie

I’ve tried Calm/Wild last month since it was a cold and rainy month. I figured that was the best time of the year to try a mood polish in Singapore but I didn’t manage to take pictures though.

This year, I wish to swap with someone with access to Revlon and L’Oreal! They released so many interesting shades last year! I know we have Revlon here but the range isn’t anything to brag about. Plus they’re rather expensive! In return, I have access to Estessimo TiNs, Elainto and other Asian brands. Here’s to hoping someone might offer (:

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