Nubar Indigo Illusion

Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year! I wanted to post this up two days ago but did not manage to. This is not my current manicure though, I have a red jelly sandwich on my nails. I'll try to post that one up by next week! In the meantime, here's an awesome duochrome!

Blue-green base with pink/ purple/ gold duochrome shimmer. This shade really reminds me why I love duochromes! I kept staring at my nails while I had it on; the color shift is very pretty!

The formula gave me no problems except for the slight brushstrokes. The brush was easy to control so that wasn’t a big deal. I noticed a few bald spots after my nails dried, but I think that was an application issue on my part.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and thanks for looking!

Polish sandwich:
• China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat (1 coat)
• Nubar Indigo Illusion (2 coats)
• Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (1 coat)

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