Elianto Persian Indigo

Collection: Sparkling Diva

Dark purple jelly with silver glitter. Although I’m not a big glitter fan, I’ve also had a soft spot for purple jelly glitters. They remind me of jam, especially grape flavored ones. When I first heard the name of this polish, I thought it would be a blue leaning purple. Instead, it’s a beautiful deep reddish purple. The translucent base allows the glitter to shine through, causing some of them to flash purple.

The pigmentation is great and opacity was achieved in two easy coats. Although there is a lot of glitter (which you will realize during removal), it dries to a smooth finish and has the usual shine expected from a jelly. If the night sky were dark purple instead of blue, this is how I imagine it would look like.

Please feel free to click on the pictures to see the pretty glitter! Thanks for reading!

Polish sandwich:
• Elianto Persian Indigo (2 coats)

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