Elianto Lilac

Collection: Sparkling Diva

Sheer lilac jelly with pink and gold glass flecks Lilac is the most delicate and sheer of all the Sparkling Diva polishes that I have tried. It is also the only one that has pink glitter; all the others have silver or just gold glitter. I bought this together with Shimmer Pink and thought it was really pretty! And it is if you’re into shades like this – which I am normally not.

I can still see my VNL even after four thin coats. When I did a full manicure though, I settled with three thick coats instead. I have put this on as a full manicure a couple of times but now prefer it as a layering polish. It dries smooth and shiny so it’s fine even when I skip the top coat.
Thanks for reading! What colors should I try layering this over? (:

Polish sandwich:
• Elianto Lilac (4 coats)

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