Layla Ocean Rush

Collection: Hologram Effect (2012 Spring)

Ocean blue linear holographic. I don’t know why I waited so long to put it on! The base color is so bright and eye catching so it doesn’t look boring even in the shade.

Ocean Rush has a finicky formula. You can’t use a normal base coat nor should you go over the same area while painting. These Layla holographics have a buffer that sold separately, but you don’t need buy it. I used a normal buffer that was lying around at home, the kind with a high grit and brings your nails to a shine.

Simply buff your nails shiny before painting your nails, no base coat needed. I found that the buffing gave me an easier application compared to using Nfu Oh’s Aqua Base. I wonder if this method will work for the Nfu Oh holos too?

Polish peels:
• Layla Ocean Rush (3 coats)

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