Aritaum 21 Tweed Jacket

Collection: Modi Glam Nails

Clear base with black and white glitter. There are small and medium squares, medium hexagons, and bar glitter. This is my first black and white glitter polish and I love it so much I had to show you right away! It’s obviously inspired by a certain Lynnderella but it’s not a copy.

As with many Asian polishes, 21 is the code for this shade. This brand also names their polishes – in Korean. Tweed Jacket is what Google Translate provides me with so I’m not sure how accurate that is.

There’s a good amount of square glitter in this, the other glitter shapes are sparser. That’s alright for me, because I have a huge weakness for square glitter. Hexagons are just, well, normal glitter ;)

The clear base is rather thick and dries fast – it was starting to get clumpy as I tried to spread the glitter. I recommend the dab and spread method as it gets more glitter on (as seen on the index). I used the normal painting motion for the other nails.

Polish peels:
• PVA Glue (1 coat)
• Rescue Beauty Lounge Stormy (2 coats)
• Aritaum Tweed Jacket (1 coat)
• American Classics Gelous (1 coat)
• Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (1 coat)

Aritaum is a cosmetics brand from South Korea. I discovered them while searching for swatches of Innisfree (another S. Korean brand) polishes. Like most of you, I don’t read, write or speak Korean. After a lot of googling, I bought their polishes from Qoo10 (our local Gmarket) and the package took around two weeks to reach me.

You can also find this brand on the Korean Gmarket site, or you can check out their brick and mortar stores. The Glam Nails shades are 10ml while the Juicy Nails are 7ml. I think the original shop prices are KRW2500 (7ml) to KRW3500 (10ml). They also have other interesting shades; a few are inspired by popular Deborah Lippmann colors.

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