Elianto Racing Green

Collection: Sparkling Diva

Green jelly with gold glitter. This is the most well-known polish of this collection; it made the Elianto brand famous on MUA! It’s a gorgeous green that’s similar to Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe. I don’t have MMUTM but I heard that Racing Green leans a little more yellow, so they’re not dupes. I’m glad I found RG because it killed my lemming for MMUTM.

Two easy coats gave me great coverage. As usual, the finish was shiny and smooth, so it’s alright to skip the top coat. This is the last of my Sparkling Diva polishes so I hope you enjoyed them! I wanted to post this up last week but it slipped my mind, so here's a bonus bottle shot! Thanks for looking!

From the left: Glittery Nickel, Racing Green, Indigo Shine

Polish sandwich:
• Elianto Racing Green (2 coats)

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