Three Beauties Radient Turquoise

Sheer green base with blue/ purple duochrome glass flecks. I bought this polish on a hunch that it’ll look awesome over a black base and I’m happy to show you that I’m right! Look at that glass fleck duochrome goodness!

I found the formula easy to work with since it had a thin and spreadable consistency. However, the brush had a stray hair which was too long. When I tried to clip it, it pulled right off so I hope the other bristles won’t come off so easily.

I’ve never heard of the company Three Beauties before seeing their polishes at departmental stores. I bought these two shades at Robinsons with a 20% discount. Each bottle is 14ml and goes for SGD4.30 (original price). There are nail wheel swatches so you’ll know what you’re getting.

Polish peels:
• Michelle Base (1 coat)
• Three Beauties Radient Turquoise (3 coats)
Over black
• Michelle Base (1 coat)
• Michelle S79 (2 coats)
• Three Beauties Radient Turquoise (1 coat)

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