Jordana Mint Candy

Mint green with green micro-shimmer. Yes, another one of those hidden shimmers that I love. This one is said to be a close dupe of Chanel Jade but I can’t afford that so I decided to go for this. The best part of this polish is that secret shimmer! It’s not just plain old silver, its green!

The formula is streaky and sheer. Even at three thick coats, there were still bald patches so another coat is needed. There was also some bubbling because of the thickness. Normally, I wouldn’t bother buying such a troublesome polish but this color is so beautiful. And did I mention the shimmer?

One thing to note: this never seemed to fully dry on me. Maybe it’s the number of coats or my base and top coats, but it was still getting dents after two days. I’ll definitely be trying this color again.

Thanks for reading!

Polish peels:
• China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat (1 coat)
• Jordana Mint Candy (4 coats)
• Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (1 coat)

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