Cult Nails Haul

It’s Labor Day today in many countries. So wherever you are, Happy Labor Day!

I also wanted to tell you guys that my order from Cult Nails came!! I ordered during the sale and most of the polishes I wanted were already sold out. So what did I get?

Don’t you love the packaging? They’re cute little burritos that are made from recycled materials. Plus, there are cottons balls for extra padding. Totally what a lacquer head needs! I’m already starting to love this brand and I haven’t even seen the polishes yet!

Seduction is the main reason for this order. I didn’t want to miss it like Clairvoyant as the supply for flakies are currently limited. However, I’m just as excited to test the other shades too! And Wicked Fast, which is a quick dry top coat.

Once again, Happy Labor Day!

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