Rainbow 05

Light mauve holographic. Here’s another of the Rainbow holographics! I really love these as they’re beautiful and really easy to apply! No patchiness like the Nfu Oh holos (I can’t wait to try out my new babies 66 and 51!).

I’ve noticed that there are two colors of 05 and 03 floating around. I’ve seen this color labeled as both numbers. The other color has a golden beige base, also labeled as both numbers. A batch or two was probably mislabeled.

I know I haven’t been updating much this month. I change my nail polish every week and I also try to swatch at least once. However, it’s monsoon season in South-East Asia now. It's sunny one moment and rainy the next, so please bear with me. Also, I'd rather show a fresh manicure than one with tip wear so I usually don't take photos after the second or third day (there are exceptions though!).

Thanks for dropping by!

Polish sandwich:
• Rainbow 05 (3 coats)

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