Misa Moody Model

A milk chocolate cream from the 2007 Runway collection. It looks like yummy melted milk chocolate in most lightings but I think it clashes with my skin tone. My Asian coloring tends to pull out whatever little reddish tints that exist, making it look like impure chocolate. However, I noticed from others swatches online that the color looks like the perfect shade of melted milk chocolate on skin tones more pinkish than mine. It also looks just a little bit dusty in real life.

The application was perfect, most fingers were two coats but some were only one. It also dried with normal glossiness without a top coat. The swatch above was taken on the fourth day of wear, so pardon the tip wear and scratches. Poshe Fast Drying Base Coat and Seche Dry Fast Top Coat were also used and it lasted a good six days on me with only two minor chips.

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