RBL Scrangie & Sally Hansen Grape Going!

Sally Hansen Grape Going!: index and ring fingers (three coats)
Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie: middle and little fingers (two coats)

As stated in my earlier post, the main difference between the polishes is the shimmer, Scrangie has green shimmer and Grape Going!, blue shimmer. On photo, the blue shimmer is shows up clearly while the green shimmer is more difficult to capture. However, in real life it's pretty clear that they're two different polishes.

From a different angle, Grape Going!'s blue shimmer is less visible but it's still quite obvious they're different polishes. Grape Going! has a slightly lighter purple base. Both are beautiful colors to own but I love the green shimmer in Scrangie. I understand that Scrangie was created to look like a beetle's wing and I think that it does! In terms of application, Scrangie is better as Grape Going! has some visible brushstrokes. Scrangie applied like a dream for me but I'm sure I could have done Grape Going! in two coats if I had been more careful. Both colors were applied without base coat or top coat.

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