OPI My Daddy’s The King

A pinkish peach with silver pearl shimmer from the 2006 Princess Charming collection. Click on the picture to enlarge it and the subtle pearl shimmer can be seen on the ring finger. I applied three coats as the polish was streaky and sheer. It could have used a fourth coat as there were bald patches on my middle and ring fingers. Still, I think this color is really pretty as it's not a plain pink cream. The shimmer adds just a touch of elegance to this shade of peach.

I first saw a swatch of this polish on Scrangie's blog and knew that I had to have it. I prefer peach colours to pinks and I love pearl finishes. But since it was discontinued, I had trouble hunting it down. None of the e-tailers had it and I couldn't find it at any of the retail outlets (not that I would pay S$23.50 for an OPI, even a discontinued one). Finally, after much Googling, I found a local website that had a last bottle dug up from their supplier and I grabbed it! Even though it's sheer and streaky, I feel that My Daddy's The King was worth the effort! I find that most peaches are usually too orange and I hate that. While most pinks are, well, too pink. This shade was just right for me.

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