Royal Fire

I did this as my birthday manicure earlier this week; it’s Max Factor Fantasy Fire over Revlon Royal. I saw this combination some time ago and fell head over heels! The bottle of FF shows a purple base, but it’s pretty sheer so it hardly alters the blue base of Royal. And if any of you were wondering, that’s henna on my index finger; a friend did a design on the back of my hand over the weekend.

I got Fantasy Fire in April but this is the first time I’m wearing it since I wanted to save that tiny bottle (my precious~). I still have the manicure on currently, and let me tell you: the wear is amazing. I’m not sure if it’s Revlon, Max Factor or the combination of both, but there’s only a small chip and slight tipwear. And I’m not gentle on my hands; I don’t use gloves when I wash dishes and have a bad habit of using my nails to pick at things.

I couldn’t resist taking more pictures of this combo so I hope you’ll enjoy them. The last shot makes me think of a traffic light: green, orange and red on different nails.

Polish peels:
• NailTek Foundation II (1 coat)
• Revlon Royal (2 coats)
• Max Factor Fantasy Fire (1 coat)
• Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (1 coat)

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