Claire’s Flirty Shy

We’ve all heard of mood rings before – the ring changes color according to your temperature. And mood polishes are basically the same thing in nail lacquer form. It’s not the most practical thing for Singapore as the weather never gets cold enough for the color to change, but I just had to have it!

The thing I love about mood polishes is the instant gradient effect you get on long nail tips. Although I don’t usually keep long nails, I let them grow out a bit before putting on this polish. The gradient is really pretty in an air-conditioned room. However, for these pictures, I used ice water to recreate the color changes.

See how it changes from cerulean blue (warm) to indigo blue (cool)? My camera had a bit of trouble capturing the true color; the last three pictures are more color accurate than the rest.

Thanks for looking!

Polish peels:
• NailTek Foundation II (1 coat)
• Claire’s Flirty Shy (3 coats)
• Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (1 coat)

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