Nfu Oh 66

Collection: Holographic

Linear light green holographic. I bought this in 2011 and it’s my only Nfu Oh holo to date. There was some issue with certain batches but mine turned out fine. Sure it’s not the most holo, but it’s still incredible.

While this might have been my first linear holo, it’s certainly not my last. You’ve seen my favorite Layla here, and I’ve definitely eying some Color Club Halo Hues and China Glaze Hologlams.

Nfu Oh 66 has a fussy formula so I paired it with the aqua base. The trick to using aqua base is to let it dry completely. If you don’t like waiting, I assume Layla’s method of buffing would work here too.

Thanks for looking!

Polish peels:
• Nfu Oh Aqua Base (1 coat)
• Nfu Oh 66 (2 coats)

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